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In addition to finding your fans very quickly, here are 15 other reasons to use 

  1. Sharing special offers and freebies
  2. Highlighting sales and coupons
  3. Promoting event Information
  4. Twitter provides the platform for mobile and quick conversations with fans and followers without giving away your personal contact information
  5. Announce your new products
  6. Link to your new (and old) blog posts, website and Facebook fan pages
  7. Link to your product and studio photos
  8. Ask for feedback about your work
  9. Ask for input on initial designs
  10. Hold contests
  11. Find partners
  12. Locate resources and subcontractors
  13. Share and shape ideas through rapid brainstorming
  14. Drive your followers where you want them to go for more information about you and your company (especially useful for sales!)
  15. Allow your followers to re-tweet your most brilliant thoughts, links and ideas; quickly and easily (now that’s a buzz builder)

** excerpt from Building Better Buzz for your Etsy Shop