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I had an awesome meeting this morning with Captain Valerie who owns her own sailing firm. I’ve grown to adore the way Valerie talks about her sailing trips. She is truly a master at sharing the most amazing details of her travel experiences from around the world. She undoubtedly wins more business because of her ability to create a highly authentic connection to her clients, allowing them to peek behind the curtain of her very compelling brand.

I am guessing that her high rate of repeat business is due in part to her storytelling skills. She is open to sharing instead of selling. People just want to know about your business – and in Valerie’s case, the amazing food, cultural experiences and open seas. I have no doubt that her clients continue to share her stories with others since they have such a vivid image in mind of what she offers.

When you are able to communicate your company mission as Valerie does there will come a tipping point for your company as well. You know you’ve succeeded when your brand speaks for itself and your fans promote you because they believe in what you’re doing – you’ve been consistent and honorable and people have fallen in love.

Here’s to your success Valerie! To learn more about her amazing sailing expeditions, visit her website, and mention that you’d like to hear her stories – they’re awesome.