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“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” Lao Tzu

I saw a video this morning that made me reflect on something I have been hearing more and more lately. I hear it in my networking meetings, online, amongst friends and I debate it at home.  The idea is that you don’t need a job. You need income yes – but not a job. A job is too limiting for your passions, goals and ideas. Here are the stats taken directly from the video:

  • 87% of you don’t like their job
  • 50% of you do not feel satisfied in what they’re doing
  • 25% have a job that is their #1 source of stress in their lives
  • 41% of you are living from paycheck to paycheck
  • 70% of you aren’t motivated by what you do on your job
  • 50% are underpaid
  • 67% are in the wrong field
  • 72% are in an environment where you are being undermined

Makes you think doesn’t it? And if you have a job, I know these things are familiar to you. They were to me too at one time or another.

I always used to feel like I was spending so much time away from home/family – creating wealth for just a few people at the top of the organization. I realized my job at that time was far too limiting for the things I really wanted to accomplish.  So, eventually I stepped away from that path. I no longer have a job that dictates when I take vacations, how much my next raise is or when I can retire.  I spend my time working on things I am truly passionate about and I help people reach the point where they can do exactly the same. Just knowing that you are free to spend your time “selfishly” thinking and creating the work and income that brings you this much joy is quite possibly The. Greatest. Thing. Ever.

Follow your bliss…