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One of our most recent projects reminded me about the never-ending layers of bureaucracy and the slug-like speed at which things are sometimes accomplished (if that ever happens) in large corporations. This sort of thing can be frustrating for a virtual company proponent. Nevertheless, it has inspired me to keep a running list in my mind (and now here) on the slow & stodgy traits of the big boys vs. those of the small and nimble. Which area describes your business?

Slow & Stodgy Traits:

  1. Unnecessary people, doing unnecessary tasks, collecting unnecessary paychecks
    Watch out for the “paycheck collectors” who are drawn to behemoth companies and governso they stake out cube/office territory and remain until retirement
  2. Very little ability to innovate because of past decisions and investments in software technology that limit growth potential
  3. Old, outdated processes created in part for reasons no one can now recall
  4. Have invested in equipment that now sits in a storage room instead of selling it to create a profit
  5. Never questioning the status quo or comparing your company to the best in class
  6. Employees who prefer to impress the boss instead of doing what’s right

And on the flip side – we find the Small & Nimble who

  1. Have the ability to turn on a dime – creating quick, workable solutions which solve client’s challenges
  2. Opting for the best in class which is not always the most expensive option
  3. Decide at the outset to build a company which will remain virtual and profitable
  4. Allow for smart and calculated growth
  5. Automate 90% of what they do
  6. Limit the number of full-time employees – as they consider this model to be outdated
  7. Are never afraid to toss out something that’s not working
  8. Constantly ask whether they can do better and improve the process and returns
  9. Run a company with a skeleton crew
  10. Plan, automate, improve, repeat.

Growth and profitability does not always mean that a company becomes weighted down. Start now to build organizations that stay lean and smart.