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The ability to maximize the productivity of your day is one of the greatest abilities of the successful business owner.  While some who find themselves challenged in this area may think that there must be some great secret to being able to accomplish this, there are many simple concepts that can be implemented that will allow you to make the very most of every day.

1.)     Make a to-do list.  Even if you think you have a terrific memory, you will forget something.  WRITE IT DOWN.  Plus, there is something cathartic about being able to cross an accomplished item off of a list.  This will help to keep you motivated.

2.)    Schedule your time and do your utmost to keep to the schedule.  This includes responding to phone calls, answering emails, even breaks.

3.)    Sleep.  Without a good night’s sleep your ability to focus will be severely affected.  Lack of sleep is one of productivity’s greatest enemies.

4.)    Organize.  Know where everything is.  Take the time to find a place for everything and then put everything in its place.  It is a simple concept, but it is an important one.

5.)    Delegate.  If you are fortunate to have a capable assistant, ask yourself if this is something that MUST be done by you or if you can hand it off.  Even if you delegate them personal items—such as scheduling doctors’ appointments and keeping your calendar you will find that it frees up valuable time in your day to do your most important tasks.

6.)    Minimize distractions.  This includes background noise such as televisions and radios.  If possible, shut your door.  Anything that competes for your attention can be detrimental to your productivity.

7.)    Break complicated tasks into steps.  It will provide you with a better way to measure your progress toward its completion and will make it seem less overwhelming.

There are only so many hours in a day.  In order to have your business grow and thrive you have to make the most out of each day.  Taking the time to put a few good practices into place will ensure that every day is as productive as possible and that you have the ability to get to the most important tasks—thereby ensuring the continued success of your business.