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Branding Reality : The Image of Reality TV

Branding Reality : The Image of Reality TV

In my unofficial poll of the people in my circle more than three-quarters have made a negative remark about Reality TV. Which suggests that not only should the Reality TV stars be concerned about their brand and image, but so should the people producing these shows.

I actually watch very little TV, so it’s surprising to some that when I do turn it on, that I actually choose Reality TV as part of the lineup. I’m fascinated by it all because I learn so much by studying people. But I also watch with a pragmatic eye. I’m aware that it’s mostly about business. And while I do see many opportunities for improvement; by wholly condemning the medium we end up throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Sherri Shepard from The View said recently on Twitter…



Sherri raises a valid point but I think it’s important to take it for what it is – Reality TV is a medium which will always attract some viewers through drama, nonsense, violence and tragedy. Maybe some producers think that is the only way they will get us to watch. There is another side however.

The discerning can glean the positive aspects of Reality TV. Not just for branding and launching new ventures for which I take special note – but topics around relationships, communication, health and wellness, friendship, family ties, and tenacity of spirit. I acknowledge the value in all of these things and remain hopeful that Reality TV isn’t tempted to sink to the negative depths of the nightly news.

Let’s tell a better story.



Why we Tweet?

In a recent Facebook post, my friend Clarence mentioned that he just doesn’t get Twitter… recalling how I felt before I signed up for Facebook and Twitter I chuckled a bit; then I left a message hoping he would sign up and take a look. His question also made me think about the reasons we are constantly recommending Twitter as part of our client’s branding strategy.

Simply put, we tweet for our clients because public conversations are one of the best ways to build a brand. Unlike Google, Twitter gives you the ability to search for information in real-time. So by tracking your company, book, product or service name you can read and respond instantaneously to positive or negative feedback using Twitter. Not only is it perfect for marketing messages, it can offer a huge reach and awesome way to provide customer care. Allowing companies to share special gifts and time-sensitive information, guidance on where to go, what to do, what to click and see.

It’s an amazing little tool… Hopefully Clarence, you’ll begin to see the possibilities – and hey, thanks for inspiring this post!

“15 Business Buzz Tips for Twitter”

In addition to finding your fans very quickly, here are 15 other reasons to use 

  1. Sharing special offers and freebies
  2. Highlighting sales and coupons
  3. Promoting event Information
  4. Twitter provides the platform for mobile and quick conversations with fans and followers without giving away your personal contact information
  5. Announce your new products
  6. Link to your new (and old) blog posts, website and Facebook fan pages
  7. Link to your product and studio photos
  8. Ask for feedback about your work
  9. Ask for input on initial designs
  10. Hold contests
  11. Find partners
  12. Locate resources and subcontractors
  13. Share and shape ideas through rapid brainstorming
  14. Drive your followers where you want them to go for more information about you and your company (especially useful for sales!)
  15. Allow your followers to re-tweet your most brilliant thoughts, links and ideas; quickly and easily (now that’s a buzz builder)

** excerpt from Building Better Buzz for your Etsy Shop