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Coaching for the Inner Circle

Our coaching clients believe that they possess information and ideas garnered through years of public service, professional training and career experience. Their knowledge, passion and desire to serve make them powerful beyond measure. Now they just need a launchpad from which to share that knowledge and turn their passion into profits.

We work with seasoned professionals who realize that information and ideas that they have learned over the years are worth a tremendous amount of money to the right target market. Launching a platform allows them to share what they know and create a highly profitable income that in many cases will replace the need to trade our time for dollars and allow us to finally do what we love.

We want those who are ready to take action. The Inner Circle is for action and implementation-minded professionals. No more excuses. No more talking about what you want to do. As an Inner Circle client you’ll get the steps to do what needs to be done. The Inner Circle coaching program and membership is solution and action-oriented.

Inner Circle members have direct access to distilled, systematized information. We share this cutting-edge information with our Inner Circle members so they can use the tools and techniques we have gathered to build and launch your monetized product and service platform.

Membership is exclusive and available to experienced and motivated C-level business and non-profit leadersspeakersauthors and other professionals who want to learn more about how to brand and launch their platform and increase their residual revenue through strategically designed products and services. 

This is not just theory – this is up to the minute, practical information. The same information that we use to implement and maintain platforms for our highest paying clients.

Inner Circle Coaching clients can ask questions relevant to where they are in their online business including these topics:

  • Becoming profitable – substantially increase your income and grow your business
  • Creating profitable products that run themselves
  • How to launch new services that bring in thousands of extra dollars each year
  • Business Development Strategies
  • Pricing strategies
  • Top PR tips and more

By the end of your group coaching sessions, you will have all the tools, widgets, plugins and other technology we use for platform development, allowing you to launch your own online platform in a few hours.

Inner Circle coaching sessions provide:

  1. Web 2.0 marketing techniques including tips on Viral Marketing, Social Media, Mobile, Video and Audio
  2. Branding and Identity – how to position yourself as an expert
  3. Traditional PR and Social Media strategies
  4. Service Models that include comprehensive pricing structures
  5. Passive, Residual, Leveraged and Active Revenue models for launching your highly lucrative platforms
  6. Product ideas, techniques, book coaching and more.

Inner Circle Coaching is $350 per hour.