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Welcome to the Company, Story and Brand family. I am so glad you’ve taken the necessary steps to pursue your goals. During our Launch process, I want to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to make sure that you emerge with a great platform.

As always, when you have questions I am only a phone call or an email away.

Project Steps

– We set up our communication strategy
– We finalize your technical and user interface requirements
– We discuss how you’re going to monetize your platform
– We discuss your branding
– We begin building your site
– We offer you wireframes to consider
– You make changes to the wireframes
– We program the site and any social media pages you’ve contracted with us
– We add your content
– We test your site and tweak then…

Things to Remember

– Make changes early

Building a platform is much like building a house. The better your plan, the better the result.  I will help you through the process, but I want you to really try to consider all the different scenarios, colors, choices etc. by the time we get to the wireframe stage. Once our developers begin to program your site, changes can be costly. Even a small change you think won’t be such a big deal, could actually require reprogramming for a page or a site. When this happens we have to add re-work charges that will impact your project budget. So I always encourage you to think ahead, and talk it over with me so we can be sure to incorporate all of your requirements early on.